Legacy Series - CR12

2x 575w @ 4 Ohms Amplifier

The CR12 produces 575 Watts per channel at 4 Ohms in a rugged three rack space package. It's quiet, fan cooled, and delivers professional quality at a surprisingly affordable price. This amp is intended for budget-conscious commercial installs where quality and reliability are paramount. It is a great studio reference amplifier or can be an inexpensive alternative choice as a rugged and reliable rental power amplifier. As a result of demand from the market, the CR12 has been designed to produce it's maximum output power into a 4 Ohm load. However, it will not shut down if it encounters a 2 Ohm load, it will just produce less power.



  • Designed to produce full power at 4 Ohms, but also operate at 2 Ohms if necessary.
  • Controls are well thought out and rear-mounted. (unobtrusive and tamper resistant)
  • Output connectors located on back panel include touch-proof binding post and 1/4" jacks.
  • Precision balanced 1/4 inch TRS / XLR combi connector and barrier strip inputs.
  • User defeatable peak limiter.
  • Rear mounted circuit breaker.
  • Full size, front mounted AC power switch.
  • Quiet, internally mounted fan cooling.(front to back)
  • Integrated AC cord wrap / cable routing system.


The CR12's controls including the dB-calibrated individual channel gain controls are rear-mounted, making them unobtrusive and tamper resistant. It's connectors are also located on the back panel and include touch-proof binding posts and 1/4" jack outputs. Precision balanced 1/4" TRS/XLR combi connector and barrier strip inputs are provided, as well as a rear-mounted circuit breaker and front-panel mounted AC power switch.

As is the case with all Yorkville products, inexpensive does NOT mean ineffective. It's built like a tank. The CR12 is made with a strong steel chassis coated with in a durable, baked-on, black finish. All electronic components are mounted on high-grade glass-epoxy circuit boards and include low noise metal film resistors. To assure trouble-free operation all CR Series amps undergo a thorough computer monitored, temperature cycled, burn-in period to test for any deviation from design parameters.