Legacy Series - CR5

2x 250w @ 4 Ohms Amplifier

The CR5 features 250 watts per side at 4 Ohms in a rugged three rack space package. The quiet, passively cooled CR5 delivers professional quality at a surprisingly affordable price. Controls are well thought out and include rear-mounted, (unobtrusive and tamper resistant) dB-calibrated individual channel gain controls, switches for the defeatable limiter and stereo/mono/bridge mode operation. All connectors are located on the back panel including touch proof binding post and 1/4" phone outputs, precision balanced 1/4" TRS / XLR combi connector inputs as well as barrier strip inputs. A rear mounted circuit breaker and front-panel mounted AC power switch are also provided. All CR-Series amplifiers also include separate power and dual-purpose clip/protect LED's.



  • Controls are well thought out and rear-mounted. (unobtrusive and tamper resistant)
  • Output connectors located on back panel include touch-proof binding post and 1/4" jacks.
  • Precision balanced 1/4" TRS / XLR combi connector and barrier strip inputs.
  • User defeatable peak / average limiter.
  • Rear mounted circuit breaker.
  • Full size, front mounted AC power switch.
  • Quiet passive cooling. (no fan noise)
  • Integrated AC cord wrap / cable routing system.


The amplifier design while unique, is conservative with regard to the power handling capabilities of it's output devices. The ruggedly designed CR5 will continue to operate while used with especially demanding speaker cabinets - unlike some competitors' amplifiers which will shut down prematurely. The physical package is made up of a heavy gauge yet light weight aluminum chassis. Other features include an AC cord-wrap system and optional rack mount handles.

The heat sinks are mounted on the side of the amplifier where the unit can dissipate heat up the side of the rack, away from other heatsinks in the rack. To further assure trouble-free operation all CR-Series amps undergo a thorough computer monitored, temperature cycled, burn-in period to test for any deviation from design parameters.


Amplifier class A / B
Continuous Average Power @ 8 Ohms BCD (Watts) 170 (x2)
Continuous Average Power @ 4 Ohms BCD (Watts) 250 (x2)
Continuous Average Power @ 2 Ohms BCD (Watts) NA
Continuous Average Power Bridged BCD (Watts) 525 @ 8 Ohms
Burst Average Power @ 8 Ohms BCD(Watts) 220 (x2)
Burst Average Power @ 4 Ohms BCD (Watts) 425 (x2)
Burst Average Power @ 2 Ohms BCD (Watts) NA
Burst Average Power Bridged BCD (Watts) 850 @ 8 Ohms
Frequency Response (Hz, +/- 1dB) 30-20,000
Hum and Noise (un / Aweighted -dB) 0.97196261682243
THD -1kHz- 4 OHMS less than 0.015%
THD - 20Hz-20kHz, 4 Ohms less than 0.15%
Slew Rate (V/uS) 20
Slew Rate Bridged (V/uS) 40
Damping Factor (30 Hz - 400 Hz @ 8 Ohms) 300
Crosstalk (1kHz / 20Hz-20kHz) -80 / -65 dB
Input Impedance - Bal/Unbal (Ohms) 20,000/10,000
Input Sensitivity (Vrms) For Full Power Out 1.4 V
Max Voltage Gain (dB) 34
CMRR @ 60Hz (min/typ) 54/66dB
Stereo / Mono / Bridge )S/M/B) S/M/B
Protection DC,Load,Thermal
Limiter User Selectable Peak / Average
High Pass Filter NA
Cooling Passive Convection
Cooling Path NA
Inputs - Other XLR / 1/4 inch TRS Combi (x2), Barrier Strip
Outputs - Binding Post 2
Outputs - 1/4" Jacks 2
Power Consumption (typ/max) 400/720 Watts
Rack Spaces 3
Transformer Type Toroidal
Exterior Finish Baked, Black Painted
Dimensions (DWH /D fm ears, inches) 19 x 11.5 x 5.25 x 11.4
Dimensions (DWH /D fm ears, cm) 48 x 29 x 13 x 28.8
Weight (lbs / kg) 22.5 / 10.25

Specifications subject to change without notice