Legacy Series - LP-C4

Compact Lighting System Controller

The LP-C4 is the ideal live performance pedal controller for Yorkville Lighting systems. Capable of controlling four channels of any system including the highly popular Yorkville LP-LED4, the LP-C4 delivers a full feature set including effective audio chase functions and effects.

lp-c4top lp-c4rear


  • Controls 4 channels of lights
  • Parallel XLR outputs for easy quick-connect to two Yorkville Lighting Systems
  • Stores up to Six Custom Scenes
  • Blackout, All On and All flash buttons
  • Fade rate, effects speed and auto scene advance control
  • Audio chase input accepts line level or speaker level input (20mV to 100v)
  • No AC power cable required on controller
  • Made in Canada


Simple rotary controls for colour and intensity for each channel, as well as integrated footswitches for scene changes, effects control and blackout make the LP-C4 incredibly easy to set up and operate.

Two XLR Connectors are provided for effective direct connection to any Yorkville Lighting system. An additional standard ¼-inch input jack allows the LP-C4 to generate audio effects onboard. Power for the LP-C4 is provided by the attached Yorkville Sound Lighting system, so no additional cabling is required.

Rugged all-metal chassis and heavy duty footswitches design ensures maximum long-term reliability even in the most demanding live performance applications.