Legacy Series - M8P1

M8 / CX80 / Apex850

The M8P1 was specifically created to offer the best sounding, cost effective and yet most convenient and complete small PA solution. Unlike many of the pre-packaged PA systems now on the market, the M8P1 package offers superior sound quality, a professional full-featured mixcer, ample output power, and high quality full range loudspeakers.



M8P1 System Features

  • M8 8 channel micro mixer
  • Two CX80 lightweight (17lbs/7.7kgs) loudspeakers
  • APEX850 dynamic cardioid handheld microphone with mic clip
  • One pair of 25 foot (7.62m) 18 gauge speaker cables
  • One XLR to XLR mic cable
  • Two padded nylon carry cases with zippered tops and separate M8/accessories section, velcro fasteners and plastic side-release buckles and adjustable-length carry strap

M8 Features

  • Two 85 Watts (at 4 ohm) power amps (170 Watts @ 4 ohm total)
  • 8 inputs (4 mic / balanced line & 4 additional inputs on 2 stereo channels)
  • Switchable phantom power on mic channels
  • Combi-jack XLR & 1/4" inputs
  • Four-band master EQ on the output
  • One master auxiliary send with stereo returns
  • Selectable source cueing and separate level control for control room / headphones output

CX80 Features

  • Ultra-light ABS plastic construction
  • Ultra-clear reproduction throughout bandwidth
  • High quality 1-inch Mylar Dome Tweeter
  • Tough, full length metal grille
  • Two paralleled 1/4" and one Speakon™ connectors
  • Polemount socket

APEX850 Features

  • Dynamic cardioid pattern suitable for vocals as well as instrument and stage applications
  • Rugged metal construction
  • One piece molded cartridge
  • XLR to XLR mic cable
  • mic stand clip
  • On/Off switch


The M8P1 PA Mate package is ready to go right out of the box and includes an M8, two CX80 loudspeakers, a quality Apex850 dynamic handheld microphone, all the required cables and a versatile convenient, ingenious packaging and transportation solution.

Both the M8P1 and M8P2 PA Mate packages include the popular M8 powered mini mixer. The M8 features two 85 Watts (at 4 ohm) power amps (170 Watts @ 4 ohm total), and has 8 inputs (4 mic / balanced line & 4 additional inputs on 2 stereo channels). There is switchable phantom power on mic channels, as well as combi-jack XLR & 1/4" inputs. There are individual clip indicator lights on each channel, three band Eq in mic / line channels with a wide range two band Eq on stereo lines. In addition, there is a four-band master Eq on the output. The M8 Micromixer also has one master auxiliary send with stereo returns, and a separate level control for tape record outputs. To make it more versatile the M8 also has selectable source cueing and separate level control for control room / headphones output, which can be used as an additional zone output in a small restaurant or club install. A pair of 25 foot 1/4" speaker cables is also in the package to facilitate proper connectivity between the M8 and CX80's.

Also included in the M8P1 is the CX80. Small in stature only, the CX80 offers performance and features usually never seen in a loudspeaker this unobtrusive. Loaded with a single 8-inch driver and a one-inch Mylar dome tweeter, it delivers a clean 100 watts with a 60Hz to 20kHz frequency response. 1/4-inch and Speakon input connectors are provided. CX series enclosures are manufactured using lightweight UV and moisture resistant ABS plastic, which makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.

Rounding out the package is the APEX850 dynamic cardioid handheld microphone. The low impedance, dynamic APEX850 is ideal for vocals as well as instrument and stage applications. It features an on/off switch and the same rugged metal construction as other Apex microphones including a one piece molded cartridge. Included is a mic clip and XLR to XLR mic cable.

Transportation of the M8P1 is a breeze with the two separate ergonomically designed padded carrying bags, included with the system. Bag one carries one CX80 speaker and the M8 powered mixer, bag two carries the other CX80 and the accessories kit. Each bag weighs less than 25 pounds fully loaded, making them the easiest way to pack, carry, and load a small PA. The two bags feature compartment dividers and can be securely attached together using a combination of velcro fasteners and a pair of plastic side-release buckles to simplify shipping and storage as a single unit if required.