Legacy Series - SR300

2x 150w @ 4 Ohms Amplifier

The SR300 is the first member of the Studio Reference Series power amplifiers from Yorkville. The new SR-300 is designed with more than just the studio in mind though.

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All connectors are located on the back panel. Front mounted volume knobs, silent convection cooling, low induced hum toroidal transformer, binding post and 1/4" outputs, switchable limiter, clip, activity, and limiter indicators, switchable HP filter, and precision balanced inputs are all features that make the SR300 stand apart from the rest.


The physical package is made up of a heavy gauge steel chassis with reinforced rack mount ears that make it ready for the road. A built in peak and average limiter protects studio monitors or other speakers from potentially harmful signals and keeps the output of the amplifier clean when operating near maximum power. The heat sinks are mounted on the side of the amplifier where the unit can dissipate heat up the side of the rack, away from other heatsinks in the rack.