Legacy Series - YSM1P-II

115w, 6.5-inch / 1-inch Powered

The YSM1P Series Two is a compact, active, near-field studio monitor designed to accurately reproduce source material with a clarity and bass response that you would expect to hear only in a much larger speaker enclosure.



  • Two-way active near-field studio monitor
  • Bi-Amplified Power Module (85 watts Low Frequency / 30 watts High Frequency)
  • 6 1/2-inch foam-surround woofer / 1-inch soft-dome ferrofluid-cooled tweeter
  • XLR / TRS Combi-jack Input
  • +9/-6dB Input Trim for optimum gain from any source
  • XLR/TRS balanced combi-jack input
  • +9 / -6dB input trim w/ defeatable limiter
  • Advanced tweeter & woofer protection
  • User Selectable Proximity Settings (Full Space, 1/2 Space, and 1/4 Space monitor location)
  • Highly visible blue power LED & red input clip indicator
  • Rock-solid 3/4-inch MDF cabinet construction and baffle


Driven by an integrated bi-amped power module capable of delivering 85 watts of power to the 6.5-inch woofer and an additional 30 watts to the 1-inch dome tweeter, the 115 watt YSM1P Series Two is the ideal monitor solution for virtually any home or project studio application.

Built for maximum flexibility, the YSM1P Series Two offers user selectable tone shaping, allowing the cabinet response to be tailored for its location, (i.e., full space for use centered in the room, 1/2 space for use against a flat wall, or 1/4 space for use in tight corners). Additional controls include a +9/-6dB input trim, high frequency filtering and a user defeatable limiter.

The rock-solid YSM1P Series Two is constructed of 3/4-inch MDF cabinet and baffle with heavy internal bracing and ample internal dampening material to reduce unwanted low frequency rumble. The YSM1P Series Two reproduces source material with near pinpoint accuracy and detail, making it perfect for today's high quality wide frequency response recordings.


System Type 2-Way
Active or Passive Active
Power Rating (Watts) 115
Biampable Self Powered
Biamp Operation Only Yes
Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3db) 40-20,000
Crossover Frequency (Hz) 2500
HF Driver(s) 1 inch soft-dome tweeter, ferro-fluid cooled
HF Protection Tweeter Overpower
LF Driver(s) 6.5 inch foam-surround, 100 watt woofer
LF Protection Woofer over-excursion
Sheilding Dual Magnet on Woofer and Tweeter
HF Distortion less than 0.05%
LF Distortion less than 0.05%
Cooling Scheme Passive
Power Cable Yes
Power Switch Yes
Inputs 1 (Combi-Jack)
Level Controls Input Trim (+9/-6dB)
Limiter Yes
LED Indicators Clip-Red, Power-Blue Front Mounted
Other Controls / Features Environmental Processor w/ Four Dip Switches
HF Reflection Optimization +/-2dB boost/cut 10-20KHz
LF Efficiency Factor +/- 2dB boost/cut 20-80Hz Full Space
1/2 Space
1/4 Space
Enclosure Materials MDF Wood
Baffle Material Gray PVC Clad MDF Wood
Covering / Finish Charcoal Gray Laminate
Dimensions (DWH xbackW, inches) 16.4 x 9.6 x 11.2
Dimensions (DWH xbackW, cm) 41.65 x 24.4 x 28.44
Weight (lbs/kg) 25 / 11.5

Specifications subject to change without notice