Legacy Series - YSS1

150w 12-inch Active Studio Sub

Demand for additional bottom end support in the studio has led to the introduction of active subwoofers specifically designed for the studio. Today's music demands more bass, especially when synth bass and samples are the norm.



  • 150-watt integrated power amplifier
  • Single 12-inch high performance subwoofer speaker
  • High quality MDF cabinet
  • Footswitch signal bypass
  • Frequency response of 35 to 150Hz
  • Variable frequency selectable crossover, tunable from 60 to 150 Hz
  • Volume control
  • Phase reverse switch
  • Pair of XLR / 1/4-inch TRS combi-jack balanced inputs
  • RCA unbalanced inputs
  • Internal pre-amp sums stereo input sources in phase to the integrated mono amplifier
  • Two transparent XLR balanced stereo outputs (or thru-puts)


The Yorkville YSS1 Active Studio Subwoofer answers the call. Features like a 150-watt integrated power amplifier in a high quality MDF cabinet, loaded with a single 12-inch, high-performance bass driver make the YSS1 ideal for any professional studio, project studio, or 5.1-surround mix station.

What a great concept - The Footswitchable Subwoofer Bypass.

One ingenious feature of the YSS1 Studio Subwoofer is a bypass footswitch function on the rear panel. This bypass function allows the engineer to remotely take the subwoofer out of the signal path and pass the full range mix through to the near-field monitors using the optional Yorkville AFS-1 footswitch. During the recording process this allows you to quickly slip between a quiet near-field mix for tracking, and a full-on subwoofer reinforced high volume playback to get a feel for the track in the final mix.

This will give anyone in a home or project studio without the space or the budget for separate near-field and fullfield monitor systems the ability to toggle back and forth between a 'quiet mix' and a 'loud mix' easily and conveniently. This is essential for making music that sound as good in a club or concert hall as it does in your control room.

A frequency response of 35 to 150Hz means the Yorkville YSS1 is capable of reinforcing the bottom end in virtually any mix situation. The power module controls include a variable frequency selectable crossover, tunable from 60 to 150 Hz, a volume control and phase reverse switch to ensure it's working with whatever monitors you choose for the top end of your mix.

Although designed for the studio, the YSS1 may be the ideal subwoofer solution for small clubs, large home theatre systems and for restaurant / bar systems, especially when paired with the YSM1P2 active studio monitors handling the full audio range.

A pair of XLR / 1/4-inch TRS combi-jack balanced inputs, as well as RCA unbalanced inputs are provided. Internal pre-amp ensures stereo input sources are summed in phase to the integrated mono amplifier. Two transparent XLR balanced stereo outputs (or thru-puts) are provided to pass stereo input signal through to feed full range active near field monitors or additional power amplifier(s) for passive monitor loudspeakers.


System Type Studio Subwoofer
Active or Passive Active
Power Rating (Watts) 150
Max SPL (dB) 125
Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3db) 35 to 150
Driver Configuration Single long excursion 12 inch
LF Power Amplifier (Watts) 150
Inputs 4
Inputs - 1/4" Jacks 2 x (combined XLR / 1/4 inch TRS Combi-jacks)
Inputs - XLR 2 x (combined XLR / 1/4 inch TRS Combi-jacks)
Level Controls Main Volume
LED Indicators power
Other Controls / Features Selectable low pass filter, input phase-flip switch, additional RCA stereo inputs.
Feet Thick Rubber Contact Feet
Enclosure Materials MDF
Baffle Material MDF
Port(s) Yes
Other Details Two Transparent balanced XLR Full range 'thru-puts' to feed Active near-field studio monitors.
Dimensions (DWH xbackW, inches) 20.5 x 13.75 x 16.75
Dimensions (DWH xbackW, cm) 52 x 35 x 41
Weight (lbs/kg) 44 / 20

Specifications subject to change without notice