Dealer Warranty Claim Procedure

As a Yorkville dealer located in Canada or the U.S.A. you should be aware that there is an UNLIMITED 2-YEAR "EVEN IF YOU BREAK IT" WARRANTY on all of the products that we make. Furthermore, we don't care if you are the dealer who originally sold or rented it. As long as it is an electronic product or speaker system of our manufacture which was purchased by a consumer as a new unit within the past two years, or first rented as a new unit within the past two years, just fix it, or get it fixed, and send us the bill. That's virtually all there is to it. What voids the warranty? Virtually nothing voids the warranty*. In simple terms, if it needs repairs for any reason during its 2-YEAR warranty period, it is covered.

If you have difficulty determining whether or not something is still under warranty, simply note the manufacturing date contained in the serial number, then add two years to obtain a feasible expiry date. When there is no other proof, that is what we do. In our serial number system, the year of manufacture is the first digit, and the month is next two. For example, serial number "701----" would date from 1997, month 01 (January). A feasible expiry date would therefore be January 1999.

* As expressed on our warranty card "Freight charges and damages caused as a result of major accidents or natural disasters (such as fire, automobile wrecks, tornadoes, etc..) are excluded from this warranty."


Simply write the details listed below on a piece of paper and send it to us. We don't care if you use "official" repair tags or anything like that. But we do care about the details. Include all of the following data regarding each product on which you are making a warranty claim;



  1. Who qualifies for warranty claim credits? Authorized Yorkville dealerships only. We do not deal directly with repair shops. Only dealerships are eligible for warranty claim credits.
  2. What qualifies as a warranty claim? Virtually anything that has to be done to make a product work properly. We do not expect to receive labour claims for simple operations such as changing fuses, bulbs, knobs, tubes, etc. Otherwise all labour is covered including a flat rate of $10.00 (net) allowable for speaker, tweeter, horn or diaphragm replacement.
  3. Are freight charges covered? Some. We will pay freight one way on all warranty repairs. When sending repairs to us, please send them prepaid. If you do so we will return them on a prepaid basis. If you send them on a collect basis we will return them on a collect basis. Freight on parts is not covered. Please note that if the unit in question is less than one month old we will pay freight charges both ways.
  4. Does the warranty cover other people's equipment? NO. We are not responsible for secondary damages should a unit fail.
  5. What are acceptable parts charges? We will credit your account all parts at dealer cost (list price less appropriate dealer discount) as per our parts catalogue. Please use our part numbers on your claims wherever possible.
  6. What are acceptable labour charges? We will credit your account for any reasonable labour charge. As a guideline, consider our non-warranty rate - $40.00 per hour, net. We reserve the right to question those amounts which notably exceed the norm for a given type of repair. We often refer to the above rate when in doubt. And once again, we do not expect to be billed for simple operations, or more than $10.00 for changing speakers, tweeters, horns and diaphragms.
  7. Must you return parts for credit? Yes, but only speakers. We must have these back in order to issue credit. Be sure to attach a note with the model and serial number of the unit from which the speaker was removed. It is not necessary to return any other parts for credit. Also, please remember to order speakers and other parts as you need them. We do not automatically replace speakers sent back for credit.
  8. Is there a time limit on warranty claims? Yes, three months. Warranty claims over three months old will not usually be accepted.
  9. What is the warranty on Raw Speakers, Horn-Drivers & Tweeters? Raw speakers, horn-drivers and tweeters purchased from Yorkville for miscellaneous or non-warranty repairs or sales carry a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects. Malfunctioning units must be returned to Yorkville for inspection pending warranty determination. This warranty applies only in Canada and the U.S.A.