Company Overview

Yorkville Sound is a privately owned Canadian Company located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, a suburb of Toronto. Currently employing over 220 people, Yorkville designs and manufactures all of its North American built products at the 150,000 square foot Pickering facility.

Currently Yorkville Sound manufactures a full line of professional PA products including mixers, amplifiers, active and passive loudspeaker cabinets and lighting in Canada, at the Pickering facility. Yorkville Sound also designs and manufactures a complete line of Canadian made tube and solid state instrument amplifiers under the Traynor brand for Canada, the US and export markets.

In addition to design, manufacturing and distribution of its own brands, Yorkville Sound also has a very active resale distribution division. Currently Yorkville is the North American distributor for Hughes & Kettner guitar amplifiers as well as the Canadian distributor for Line 6, Mapex Drums, Dean Markley Strings, Rotosound Strings, Visual Sound, Gallien-Kreuger bass amplifiers exclusively for Canada, as well as distribution of Gibson and Epiphone Guitars, a relationship that dates back to 1984.

Yorkville Sound wholly owns Applied Research and Technology (ART), based in Rochester New York develops, manufactures and distributives signal processors, studio tools and microphones under the ART and ARTcessories brands.

Yorkville Sound also has a full line of microphones, headphones and accessories available domestically and for export under their own Apex Electronics brand as well as a full catalog of instrument cases and bags, cables, stands and accessories.

Yorkville Sound maintains offices in Pickering Ontario, and in the USA in Niagara Falls New York and Rochester New York.

Manufactured Lines

  • Yorkville Sound Pro Audio
  • Traynor Guitar and Bass Amplifiers
  • VTC Pro Audio Touring Sound Systems & Line Array
  • Applied Research & Technology Signal Processing (ART)
  • Apex Electronics Microphones & Accessories
  • Orion DJ and Effects Lighting
  • Granite Percussion

Distributed Lines

  • Hughes & Kettner Guitar Amplifiers (North America)
  • Gibson Guitars (Canada)
  • Epiphone Guitars (Canada)
  • Denver Guitars (Canada)
  • Line 6(Canada)
  • Gallien-Krueger Bass Amplifiers (Canada)
  • Visual Sound Guitar Effects (Canada)
  • CruzTOOLS (Canada)
  • Rotosound Stings and Accessories (Canada)
  • Dean Markley Strings (Canada)
  • LR Baggs Pickups (Canada)
  • Mapex Drums (Canada)
  • Los Cabos Drum Sticks (Canada)
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